Kid Hero Warriors

Kiro Kidz come in all shapes and sizes and with many talents, abilities and challenges. One of our passions is within the special needs community because we know that kids who are not typically developing can show the greatest improvements by joining our team and becoming a Kiro Kid.

Kiro Kidz are ready to meet the challenge, and through optimal health and increased immunity they may see improved symptoms as their central nervous systems is aligned and they are better able to send messages to the brain.

Here's Kiro Warrior Greyson, who was ready to meet the challenge. For the first two years of Greyson's life his dad and I constantly wondered what could possibly be making him so irritable. From birth, he was what we considered a fussy baby. We always contributed it to something, i.e. colic, teething, growing, common colds, etc. After his first birthday, we became more concerned about his irritable and strong willed behavior. Read More and Printable Copy (PDF)

13-Year Old Gets Relief from Mysterious Illness 

After undergoing a routine surgery in 2011, my son (13 yrs old at the time) developed complicated medical issues and severe, unexplained pain. After extensive medical testing, multitudes of consults with specialists and a plethora of medicines, I began to focus on holistic remedies, since traditional medicine was obviously not working. My son wasn’t sleeping , was barely eating and had missed 2 years of school . Read More and Printable Copy (PDF)

7-Year-Old Girl with Multiple Diagnosis Finds Relief 

My daughter (aged 7) has never fit into any descriptive box. She’s been a bit all over the place, so any diagnosis was always half-hearted and advice from the doctors wasn’t helpful at all. We have been through an Autism Spectrum diagnosis that was later revoked and replaced with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. She exhibited attention and focusing issues, extreme frustration leading to meltdowns, total sensory overload at times, occasional aggression, and then issues centered around eating and going to the bathroom. Read More and Printable Copy (PDF)

Episodes Spanning Over 3 Years Stopped After Chiropractic Adjustment 

My daughter, Anastasia, began having these “episodes” she was 15 months old. I remember so vividly the first time be- cause it was in the worst place of all….the bathtub! I was eight months pregnant and giving Anastasia and her two year old brother, Augustine, a bath. Augustine was playing a little rough in the tub and Anastasia ended up getting hurt and crying but after the intake of her first “I’m upset” breath she never exhaled. She just stoppped breathing. She fell forward and started to slop around. By the time I pulled her out she was limp, face down in the water!!! I still hear my son’s voice asking “Mom, Anaphasia drowned!” Read More and Printable Copy (PDF)

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Improved With Chiropractic Care 

When I started going to a wellness chiropractor almost 10 years ago, it was because I had back problems for so many years before that and my sister recommended this chiropractor. It wasn’t necessarily for the wellness aspect of it. But I got more than I bargained for. I started researching more about the philosophies, reading more books about using chiro- practic care for wellness, both preventative and diagnostic, and it made sense. Read More and Printable Copy (PDF)