Kiro Momz

From the moment of conception, our bodies know exactly what to do to grow and nurture our babies. In the womb our bodies supply oxygen and nutrients to our baby while removing deoxygenated blood and waste products. During this time, our body is slowly creating the space necessary for this growing baby, and our entire structure is changing to allow a safe passage at birth. None of this happens by our command or understanding. We do not direct our bodies on what to do, how to encourage the growing spine, central nervous system, intelligent brain, beating heart, functioning organs, eyes, ears or nose and their ability to intake those senses through the central nervous system, sending those inputs to the brain and receiving messages. This is done by an innate intelligence that lives within us to form and create life.

By the time babies are born, they can already hear and recognize their mother’s voice and touch, and they can sense her presence. They innately know to cry when they are removed from their mothers to ensure that their mothers will return to them and continue to nurture them. How can we believe that this innate intelligence within us, which creates and sustains life on the inside and then causes our body to create a life-sustaining fluid on the outside, could somehow be shut off on the day that our baby is born? From the first time you hold your baby in your arms through childhood and adolescence, doctors, grandmothers, well-meaning friends, neighbors and strangers will tell you what is best for your baby, and in hasty moments of panic and confusion, we often surrender our God-given connection, our innate intelligence, to the confidence of the outside world. I plead with you, as a mother who has learned the hard way, don’t shut it off - don’t ignore your intuition. You are hard-wired with a connection and ability to care for your child. You know what no one else can know. You are the best provider for your child, and when something feels wrong, when medical doctors are telling you what is necessary but deep inside that same gut that once held and formed your child from a lifeless egg into a human being you are being told to search elsewhere, to look for other answers, then I urge you to listen. Mothers, it’s time we take back the health of our children. As a mother of two young boys, I am eternally grateful for doctors in all different fields who can lend their skills, when necessary, but doctors are not equipped to raise our children.

Why are our children suffering? Why is one out of every four school-aged children medicated? Why is this the first generation whose life expectancy is shorter than their parents? Because the noise outside has become too loud to hear the voice within. Silence the world. Believe in your ability. You are designed with the intelligence and ability to create and sustain life. You have a gift and an obligation to use that gift to care for your child and ensure that their innate intelligence is left intact to guide them. We need to ask questions, be empowered, and get informed. We need to stop the disturbance that is interfering with our children’s natural abilities to heal their own bodies.

Mothers, don’t turn off the noise inside...TURN IT UP!!!