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In the first image this 11 year old struggles with enuresis (bed wetting) 5-6 times per week . After a series of 12 adjustments he reports bed wetting at zero-1 time a week. Mom says "he is a much happier kid " and "he is not afraid to stay at grandmas house!"

Before chiropractic care


After 12 chiropractic adjustments


Kiro Kidz science is based on understanding how a child’s body works. The most important consideration is the importance of the Central Nervous System (CNS) in keeping children healthy. 

The CNS is made up of the brain & spinal cord and is the master control system for all organs, tissues and cells in the body.Children live life through their nerve system. Physical, mental, & emotional well-being is determined by the function of the CNS. 

The CNS is well protected by the skull and the spine. The spine is made up of 24 individual bones called vertebrae. The alignment of the spine affects CNS function. Misalignments of the spine – called subluxations - interfere with CNS function and decrease a child’s health potential. 

In its early stage subluxations like most health problems can have little to no pain - but will always interfere with the CNS function and health potential. This is why it is important for children to be checked for subluxation. Subluxation is much easier to correct when detected early. 

The good news is that God designed a child’s body to be healthy. An innate intelligence lives in the CNS every child. This intelligence is ALWAYS working toward health – pumping the right amount of blood, taking in the proper amount of oxygen, tending to the needs of every cell in the body. This intelligence/force is amazing! At Kiro Kidz we refer to this as “God WiSthin.” 

Pediatric chiropractors are trained in childhood development and correcting subluxations. Research shows that children today are less healthy. Allergies, obesity, neurological disorders (ADD, autism, SPD), diabetes and more conditions are on the rise in children. Why? Increased stress found in birth process, the many falls of a toddler, childhood sports/athletics/dance, more complicated medicines & drugs, increased processed foods in our diets, and the increased spinal/nerve stress from all of these and the growing trend in poor posture developed through use of technology by our children. These wreak havoc on the entire CNS! 

Kiro Kidz provides a health care delivery system based on a basic principle. That principle is that good nutrition, regular exercise, support for mental/emotional growth, and chiropractic care based on nerve function is essential for the health of ALL children. 

How do we test for subluxation? Using the Insight Subluxation Station. 

The Subluxation Station detects nerve stress with state-of-the-art, non-invasive technology to assess nerve impedance and balance. It measures objectively nerve output using thermography and surface electromyography. Much like measuring blood pressure, we can measure nerve ‘pressure’ or imbalances caused by subluxations. This testing can also track progress in restoring nerve balance. 


Insight Subluxation Scan from Dennis R Shaw, Shaw Video Prod on Vimeo.